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How do I begin?

Susi Forshey in her piano studio, smiling.Contact the teacher to discuss if the Suzuki method is a good fit for your family. A parent-teacher interview can help determine this. Learn more about the at-home music environment, how to coach your child at home, and more about why this popular method produces a deep, foundational love of music and love of learning in children all over the world.

Call Susi at 253.961.7912 or email her at susi@hillcitystudio.com.

Tuition Rates & Options

Pay by Session or by Month

  • Session Payments of $440
  • Monthly Payments of $135

What is a Session?

  • Winter Session: January–April
  • Spring Session: May–August
  • Fall Session: September–December

Every Year Your Tuition Pays For

  • 44 once-a-week private lessons
  • unlimited observation of studio lessons
  • 10 once-a-month group classes
  • 2 formal recitals